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Removes up to 97.5% Fluoride! The ProOne Fruit Infused Water Filter Pitcher [formerly Propur]

Product Description

For a water filter that will actually filter for 180 days, this pitcher has proven lab results to give you peace of mind and an inexpensive way to get great clean water.

*Use as a regular water filter pitcher or fruit infused. To fruit infuse, just remove the fruit infusion tube and add slices of your favorite fruits or vegetables. 

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ProOne® Fruit Infused Water Filter Pitcher
  • Removes more contaminants than other brands while retaining beneficial minerals*. 
  • Filtered water with fruit infusion in ONE pitcher

  • Features easy to remove fruit infusion tube

  • Simply add your favorite fruit slices to the fruit infusion tube

  • Allows water to flow around and through the fruit

  • Store in refrigerator for refreshing filtered fruit infused water

  • Save $$™s per year vs. bottled water 
  • Better for the environment - No plastic bottles to collect in landfills 

 Propur Pitcher Installation DetailsPropur Pitcher Lab Report from Highbrow Water FIlters

 Comparison Chart

propur clearly filtered pur brita water pitcher filter comparison chart

*Propur® offers a 6 month filter and 90 day pitcher limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Brita offers a 30 day unconditional warranty and 90 days from date of purchase - free replacement parts when used in accordance with enclosed literature. Pur offers a 90 day except for 30 day filter cartridge limited warranty. Clearly Filtered offers a 90 days - manufacturer's against defects only - submit claim in writing. Zero Water offers a 90 day manufacturer's warranty and 30 day filter cartridge.




ProOne® Fruit Infused Water Filter Pitcher Specifications 
    • BPA & PVC free 3.5 liter overall capacity 
    • 1.55 liter filtered water capacity 
    • Dimensions: 10.5"H x 5"W x 10.5"L 
    • Ideal for refrigerator storage 
    • Features new design easy to remove lid
    • Simple set up and use 
    • Easy to remove fruit infusion tube
    • No unsightly filter hanging in water storage area 
    • Includes 1 Propur ProOne® water pitcher G2.0 M filter “ Recommended change: up to 6 months
    • Ideal for use with just about any water source including tap, lake, stream, river, pond and rain water.


About the Filter


Concerned about what™s in your drinking water? 

The ProOne® G2.0 filter is ideal for use with most water sources including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain and tap water. The new ProOne® G2.0 œALL-IN-ONE� CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER combines silver infused white ceramic with new ProSorb„¢ granular activated carbon based media. In addition to primary contaminants, only the ProOne® G2.0 filter element helps reduce or remove heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and more. The ProOne® G2.0 filter is easy to install, use and clean - no priming required and no additional add-on filters necessary to remove fluoride. The ProOne® G2.0 œALL-IN-ONE� CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53 and P231. 
The ProOne® G2.0 filter has been tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards, and the only œALL-IN-ONE� CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER that qualifies as a microbiological water purifier by NSF/ANSI protocol P231. 
Test results from an independent water testing lab certified by the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection show the ProOne® G2.0 filter removes and/or reduces contaminants including heavy metals, VOC™s, monochloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, Giardia and more without any add-on filters. Even the contaminants that were found in the Toledo and West Virginia water supplies are covered by the ProOne® G2.0 filter. For complete lab report details, please visit our website 
Now here™s why the ProOne® G2.0 is technically advanced over other gravity filters
  1. You don™t need to prime the ProOne® G2.0 filter - It doesn™t make sense “ if you™re trying to filter out contaminants in your water, why use contaminated water to prime your filters 
  2. There™s no need to buy any additional device to prime your filters 
  3. Fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metals are reduced/removed by a process called absorption using a specially formulated carbon based granular media inside the ProOne® G2.0, not alumina as used by other manufacturers in their add-on filters. 
  4. The ProOne® G2.0 is silver infused which helps prevent the growth of bacteria 
  5. Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water

The ProOne® G2.0 ALL-IN-ONE� filter ADVANTAGE-- 

  1. No need to purchase and attach add-on filters to remove fluoride, arsenic or other heavy metals 
  2. No add-on filters hang down into the water storage container that could leach into your drinking water 
  3. No add-on filters to slow down flow rate 
  4. No add-on filters that require frequent replacement and expense 
ProOne® M G2.0 Water Filter Pitcher -- Recommended Replacement “ 6 months per filter 
                          Is your drinking water Propurified? 



Sku: WFP-3004
Vendor: ProOne

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