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Swimming Pool Water Structuring Unit [Natural Action Technologies]

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Whether you have a water filtration system or not, did you know that you can optimize the water in your home to replenish it with energized life force that water was intended to provide living things?  It is possible to have water as refreshing and energized as a mountain stream.

Natural Action Technologies specializes in effectively structuring water to optimize the benefits water can provide.  Benefits that were intended by nature.

This Whole House Water Structuring generator can Energize & Structure water for your whole home. The results are improved hydration and increase in the amount of 4th Phase Water Also Known as EZ Water, or H3O2.

  • One time purchase can last a lifetime. This house unit is maintenance free and does not have filters to replace.
  • Immerse your life in structured water - water flows through this house unit in ever accelerating vortices, producing structured water throughout your entire house for drinking water, showering and bathing, soaking your fruits and vegetables, cooking, watering your plants and garden, and filling your pool/hot tub.
  • This whole house unit is easy to install at the point where your water line first enters your house (it can also be placed at a well’s holding tank). Professional installation is recommended. Comes standard with 1 inch NPT fittings.
  • The whole house unit reduces hard water mineral deposits, helping maintain the life of plumbing, water appliances and dishware.
  • It comes with a peace of mind 90 day satisfaction guarantee AND a 10 year warranty.
  • Installation required by licensed plumber or warranty may be voided.

Nature's Water


To Learn More About Structured Water Science Visit Our Blog!

The Natural Action Heavy Duty Home series is designed for inline installation for light commercial applications and can be used for homes, small pools, or any other plumbing utilizing 1” piping and down.  The compact design makes it easy to install in applications where linear space is limited.  The robust design will provide many years of maintenance free service.  It comes STD with ¾” or 1” NPTF fittings and uses the same core technology as our residential Whole House Unit.

SPECIFICATIONS: 2” SCH 80 PVC and integral adapters

  • For Use With: Drinking Water, Water
  • Maximum Temperature: 140° F
  • Assembled from Parts Specifications Met: ASTM D1784, ASTM D1785, NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water
  • Pipe for drinking water meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61




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