Why Highbrow Water Filters?

5 Big Reasons...but first we want to say:

Congratulation on your decision to improve your home's water quality! We know anyone can buy a filter at any big box store or any of the biggest brand names in the water filter industry.  The most well informed holistic families choose Highbrow Water Filters because we are as choosy as you.  Have you tried to find a filter that has documented test results showing 99.4% reduction in Fluoride, 99% reduction in Glyphosate, PFOA, PFOS, Chlorine, Chloramine, Chloroform, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and removal of 220+ contaminates with shown percentages of reduction?  If not, it's ok, because we've done the homework for you.  You are who we call our “Highbrows” because you are informed, unsatisfied with your tap water quality, proactive, and want to make a change to preserve your health, the planet and save your hard earned money. We know we can help you find the perfect filter.
There are many reasons our friends shop with us instead of other places, but here are the “BIG FIVE”!
ONE - It’s easy to find the one!
Our website makes it a breeze to find what you are looking for. Use our Simple Filter Selector tool at the top menu.
TWO - ELITE High Quality Filters at reasonable prices.
We offer water filters suitable for the most thorough contamination filtration. The most holistic and technical shoppers love our offerings because our filters go FAR above and beyond the basic offerings often found on a store shelf. We believe thoroughly tested filters are thoroughly trusted filters. We would never offer a filter we wouldn’t use in our own homes for our own little ones.
THREE - Happiness Guarantee is 30 Days Money Back.
We are so confident in our products, we guarantee you will love your purchase or you have 30 Days to get your money back. Please see details on our “Happiness Guarantee 30 Days Money Back” page.
FOUR - Virtual Installation Assistance
Certified Plumbers is what we recommend for our products, but for insistent “Do it myself-ers”, Highbrow Water has a full time staff member who is a mechanical engineer specializing in virtual support for mechanical systems. We would love to help you get your system up and running! It is highly recommended to send us an email to schedule a time. Please see details on our “Virtual Installation Assistance” page.
FIVE - Customer Care (the TLC warm and fuzzy kind)
Last, but not least...
Our customer care is REAL care that comes from the bottom of our hearts. Our passion for water filters originated from a mom concerned for her children’s health. Today, our staff extends that same care and concern to you so that you can do the same for you and your family.
Thank YOU!
Thank you for your trust, your love and your support. At a time where people are awakening to the harmful chemicals/contaminants in our water, we are so grateful for the chance to help you, who we lovingly call our “Highbrow” friends.
We hope that the “BIG FIVE” has cleared the obstacles for you.
Don’t forget that it’s free to become an Elite Subscriber for Free Shipping storewide.
“No family should have to wait for the best of something as essential as uncontaminated water. We are all worth it...especially our little ones.” - Tinavalen Smith (Owner, Wife and Mother of 2 …or 3 if you count Highbrow Water Filters)
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