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Provide your family with easy access to pure, clean, wholesome water that’s better than bottled, everyday...right at home.

 Clearly Filtered® Under Sink Filter

Clearly Filtered® Under Sink Filter

Do you want the same clean and safe water you've come to expect from Clearly Filtered®, right out of your tap?

Our revolutionary 3-stage under-the-sink filtration system is as easy as it gets.

Wash vegetables, run pasta water, or fill your coffee maker with the peace of mind knowing your tap water will be filtered to remove up to 99.9% of 232+ contaminants.

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 Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


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Be wary of companies that charge big prices for big brands while the lab results are vague, confusing or nonexistent.

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As people are awakening to the harmful toxins in our water, we are so grateful for the chance to serve you, who we lovingly call our “Highbrow” friends.

“No one should have to wait for regulations to change to have access to uncontaminated water.”

     ~ Tinavalen Smith (Owner, Wife and Mother of 2 amazing children)