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The "Highbrow Expectations" are far beyond a shopper's "Standard Expectations".
We believe in the 5 P's and think you might like them too.

1. PRICING - ELITE High-Quality Filters at Minimum Prices

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2. PRODUCTS  - Tested, Certified, Authorized

Results, results, results! Our best selling whole house water filter is capable of removing 220+ contaminants including arsenic, barium, chlorines, chloramines, glyphosate, PFOAs, PFOSs, lead and more. Be weary of companies that charge big prices for their big brands while the lab results are vague, confusing or nonexistent.
Our best selling Propur Whole House Filter PH-1000:
Lab Results for PH-1000:


Lowest Price Guarantee + Money Back Guarantee

All hesitations are gone.  You can finally check this off your "to do" list.
Pricing Confidence - We will refund you the difference if you find the same item at a lower price within 15 days of purchase.
Product Confidence - We provide a 30 Day to get your money back.  
Please see details on our "Beyond Confident Guarantee":

4. PERSONABLE CARE - Customer Care (the TLC warm and fuzzy service)

Our customer care is REAL care that comes from the bottom of our hearts. Our passion for water filters originated from a mom concerned for her children’s health. Today, our staff extends that same care and concern to you so that you can do the same for you and your family.

5. PROMO CODES - Because we love saving you even more.

We have many promotions throughout social media and advertising and reserve the best promotional discounts for our ELITE SUBSCRIBERS.
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Thank you for your trust, your love and your support.

At a time when people are awakening to the harmful chemicals/contaminants in our water, we are so grateful for the chance to help you, who we lovingly call our “Highbrow” friends.

We hope that the “BIG FIVE” has cleared the obstacles for you.

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“No family should have to wait for the best of something as essential as uncontaminated water. We are all worth it...especially our little ones.”

      ~ Tinavalen Smith (Owner, Wife and Mother of 2) 

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Fluoride in Drinking Water During Pregnancy Shown to Reduce IQs in Boys

Fluoride in Drinking Water During Pregnancy Shown to Reduce IQs in Boys

From by Michael Price Aug. 19, 2019 First piloted as an experiment to reduce dental cavities in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1945, flu...
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A Water Crisis of Lead in Newark Brings New Worries

A Water Crisis of Lead in Newark Brings New Worries

The cities keep telling us the water was “absolutely safe to drink.” But then it's not. High levels of Lead found again in a major US city.
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