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What is Structured Water?

What is Structured Water? Highbrow Water Filters Natural Action Somavedic
Water can absorb other contaminants and change structure based on its' environment. Example, water in a mountain stream flows over smooth rocks, while water in a city, flows through grid-system pipes.  (see above picture)

What Is Structured Water? Natural Action & Somavedic

What Can Structured Water Do For Me?

What Can Structured Water Do For Me? Natural Action & Somavedic


What is the Difference Between Natural Action Technologies and Somavedic?

Somavedic uses a precise combination of precious and semi-precious stones natural resonances, amplifies them, and emits a field that can structure water (even in your body) and harmonize the local environment. 

Get all the benefits of EMF neutralization and structured water in one.  Simply place the water pitcher next to the Somavedic for 15 minutes to structure it

Natural Action Technologies uses a precise mathematical duplication of nature to create a double-helix that the water flows through.

Enjoy instantly structured water (from every tap in the house if you use a whole house unit).



Final Considerations

Somavedic provides EMF neutralization and many other benefits but structuring water takes a little work.

Natural Action Technologies is a plumbing piece, and you can flow your water or juice or wine through it and get instantly structured water. 



Structured Water

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