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Highbrow Knowledge

Highbrows know that everyday devices like cell phones, cordless phones, wireless devices, hi-speed routers, smart meters and EMFs like 3G, 4G & 5G increase the number of free-radicals in our bodies and impact our health.  We also know that Free Radicals are not our friends because they cause illness and pre-mature aging.

The EMF Dilemma

In todays modern world it is nearly impossible to give up our high tech devices.  As much as we want to protect our families from EMF radiation, it's not practical to wrap them in a faraday cage.  Although some devices in the market effectively block EMF, they also prevents devices like cell phones from getting signal and wireless devices from connecting to their signal.

The EMF Solution

With the Somavedic in your home, you can DRASTICALLY REDUCE YOUR FREE RADICALS (within 100 feet radius) without killing the signal to your cell phone and other wireless devices.  Somavedic harmonizes the fluid (air and water) around it and structures it so that EMFs do not "disturb" the harmonization.  Once plugged into the home, many users notices benefits within 3 days!

Proof it Works

We have the ONLY LAB PROVEN  EMF harmonization products FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOME (within 100 feet radius).  Click here for LAB RESULTS.  Try Somavedic for 60 days and if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money.  (Customer pays for return shipping.  This 60 day trial offer does not apply to the Somavedic Gold model because it is a customized).

Benefits Reported

  • Sleep Better
  • Wake Up Clear Headed
  • Feeling a Sense of Calm
  • Feeling Healthier Physically and Mentally 
  • Great for Humans, Pets and Plants

Choose Your Model

5 models and each one of them have a 5 year guarantee of trouble free operation.

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