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Commercial Unit Imperial Stainless Steel 2" [Natural Action Technologies]

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Whether you have a water filtration system or not, did you know that you can optimize the water in your home to replenish it with energized life force that water was intended to provide living things?  It is possible to have water as refreshing and energized as a mountain stream.

Natural Action Technologies specializes in effectively structuring water to optimize the benefits water can provide.  Benefits that were intended by nature.

This Whole House Water Structuring generator can Energize & Structure water for your whole home. The results are improved hydration and increase in the amount of 4th Phase Water Also Known as EZ Water, or H3O2.

  • One time purchase can last a lifetime. This house unit is maintenance free and does not have filters to replace.
  • Immerse your life in structured water - water flows through this house unit in ever accelerating vortices, producing structured water throughout your entire house for drinking water, showering and bathing, soaking your fruits and vegetables, cooking, watering your plants and garden, and filling your pool/hot tub.
  • This whole house unit is easy to install at the point where your water line first enters your house (it can also be placed at a well’s holding tank). Professional installation is recommended. Comes standard with 1 inch NPT fittings.
  • The whole house unit reduces hard water mineral deposits, helping maintain the life of plumbing, water appliances and dishware.
  • It comes with a peace of mind 90 day satisfaction guarantee AND a 10 year warranty.
  • Installation required by licensed plumber or warranty may be voided.


Our New Stainless Steel Unit is a perfect for solution for Water processing facilities, Restaurants, Chemical Plants,  Beer and Wine facilities, Pools and Spas.  

  • Reduced Scale
  • Increased Bio Availability
  • Water Use Reduction
  • Increased Bio Activity

With its sanitary flanges, installation is easy.

Description of operation:

This Unit contains our Activated Flow Form Technology which induces a highly efficient mixing motion and imparts charge due to the interaction of turbulence between the water and multiple chambers. There are no magnets. The device does not require power or service. The device does not impart any substance into the water.

The device is designed to amplify the Exclusion Zone Water and enhance the water’s properties. In many cases, the water increases its solving ability, helps minimize hard scale build up, helps minimize pathogen build up (molds and fungus in particular), and generally creates a softer/smoother feel to water.   Biological response is generally improved. Interactions with soap or other cleaning agents. Increases available dissolved oxygen content within the water



  • 316L body construction
  • Activated Flow Form Technology (AFFT)
  • Max Temp: 200F
  • Continuous Operating: 180F
  • Max Pressure: 200 PSIG
  • Available with 1” or 2” Sanitary Tube Sizes
  • Includes: Clamps, Gaskets, NPT Adapter fittings (As Specified)

Our 2" 316L stainless steel Structured Water Unit utilizes standard 2" sanitary flanges, which are universally adaptable to any other piping system. The 2" system performs well in 2" down to 1" applications.   Smooth bore sanitary reducer fittings are ideal for maximizing the performance in application less than two inches. 

Each Unit comes with the following

    Oil-Resistant Buna-N Gasket for Quick-Clamp Fittings, for 2" Tube OD    2 each 
    Extra-Support Quick-Clamp Tube Fitting, High-Polish, Sanitary, Wing Nut Clamp for 2" Tube    2 each   

You will find the following fitting under Specials  in your shopping cart

    High-Polish Quick-Clamp Sanitary Tube Fitting, 304 Stainless Steel Straight Adapter for 2" Tube OD x 2 NPT Female    2 each

Please contact our Engineering and Technical Customer Service Dept. and we can assist you with installation methods, part numbers, or any other technical concern regarding the installation.  


Sku: SSU-200

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