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Protein Emergency Survival Food [132 Servings] by Heaven's Harvest

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The Heaven's Harvest Protein Booster Bucket is the backbone of your daily meal plan. This bucket was designed to be paired with our Survival Entrèe Bucket to add the essential amino acids and nutrients needed in any survival situation.

Only $2.10 per serving

  • Whole Powdered Eggs - 3 Pouches; 24 Servings Each = 72 Servings.
  • Freeze Dried Diced Chicken Breast - 5 Pouches; 6 Servings Each = 30 Servings.
  • Freeze Dried Ground Beef - 5 Pouches; 6 Servings Each = 30 Servings.

  • 15,660 Calories
  • 132 hardy servings of meals high in protein.
  • Beef and Chicken have 15 year shelf life.
  • Eggs have a 25 year shelf life.
  • Gluten Free.
  • No refrigeration required.
  • All servings are freeze-dried.
  • Each food variety is sealed individually in Mylar pouches containing 6 servings each.
  • One 4 gallon stackable bucket with handles for convenient transportation or storage in an emergency situation.
  • Bucket Dimensions are 11" x 11" x 14"
  • Total weight of bucket is approximately 7 pounds.
  • All food is NON-GMO and made in the USA!

The Protein Booster Bucket is NOT A Complete Months Worth of Food. The Protein Booster Bucket is designed to boost your protein intake allowing you to keep your strength in survival situations. The Protein Booster Bucket must be paired with a Survival Entrèe Bucket & a Breakfast Bucket to provide enough food and calories for one adult for 1 month. For a Complete Months Worth of Food, see our 1 Month Survival Combo Kit.

On average, each specific serving requires approximately 1 cup of water.

Using hot water hurries up the reconstitution process, but it is not required. Heaven's Harvest foods can be prepared with any temperature of water, but will re-hydrate sooner with hot water - approximately 15 minutes.

Simply open the pouch of food, remove the oxygen absorber, add water, allow time to re-hydrate and serve.

Specific instructions can be found on the back of each pouch.


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