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Test Your Water for PFAS - Connecticut Is Telling their Residents To

from CTPost


Report recommends testing state's drinking water for PFAS


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A new report recommends public drinking water sources across Connecticut be tested in phases for potentially dangerous industrial compounds known as PFAS.

The Connecticut Interagency Action Plan , released Monday to Gov. Ned Lamont, calls for prioritizing the testing to drinking water sources most vulnerable to PFAS pollution or serve vulnerable populations.

The plan also recommends testing bottled water, identifying and testing private wells near suspected or confirmed contamination, and educating the public about the potential risks of PFAS-contaminated water.

The report also recommends minimizing or preventing future releases of firefighting foam with PFAS into the environment. A database of potential sources of PFAS pollution throughout Connecticut and new cleanup standards are also recommended.

Lamont called for the study this summer after toxic firefighting foam leaked into the Farmington River .


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