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Portable EMF Protection Keychain / Electro-Smog Neutralizing Portable / Traveling Device, by Somavedic

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The principle behind Somavedic Portable is brilliantly simple. It’s basically a rechargeable resonance emitting keychain. This resonance device is universal and can be recharged with any “big” Somavedic. It is also possible to use different Somavedics for recharging. 

For example: One day you may recharge with Somavedic "Medic" and three days with Somavedic "Ruby". The time it stays charged is completely dependent on the environment we are in and this needs to be kept in mind.  

A subway or a tram driver will be happy if the Portable has 10% capacity at the end of their shift. For a shop assistant, it may stay charged for two days, and for a farmer, it may stay charged for about a week. It also depends on which “big Somavedic” is used for recharging. The least effective recharging is from Somavedic "Atlantik". We recommend using the Medic, Ruby, Cobalt or Medic Green Ultra for best recharging results.

2 Ways to Benefit

Already have a "big" Somavedic device?
The resonance emitting keychain automatically "connects" to the "big" Somavedic device already plugged into your home.  This will provide optimal efficacy.  

Don't already have a Somavedic device?
That’s okay, you can still use it in the same way, however, without a "big" Somavedic device to "connect" and charge with, it works the resonance emitting key change will emit 45% of its potential.

How to use it:
Keep it with you throughout the day in your pocket. Energy expert, therapist and inventor Ivan Rybjanský recommends keeping it in your right pocket, considering the natural energy flow of humans.  It creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 50 cm or 19.68 inches!

If you have a Somavedic device, we recommend placing this resonance keychain on it and letting it recharge overnight. Once charged, the effects of the charm extend up to 5 meters from your body.

What to use it for:
Aura harmonization (100%) and chakras activation (20%)
Elimination of geopathic zones effects (50%)
Elimination of electrosmog (75%)

Also assists with:
Elimination of negative energy from people
Elimination of psychosomatic energies in the environment
Development of extraordinary abilities
Deepening meditation
Improvement in concentration
Improvement in overall physical health condition

Sku: Soma-Key
Vendor: Somavedic

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