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ProOne Coldstream Mini Replacement Filter [formerly Propur]

Product Description
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ProOne® gravity filter technology has been the backbone of Propur® since our inception. Up until now ProOne® technology was only available in the ProOne® G2.0 series gravity filters.

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Our continued efforts in innovation and engineering has resulted in new advanced ProOne® G2.0 filter technology designed for point-of-use (pressure) products.

What this means is the high performance and great taste of the original iconic ProOne® G2.0 “all-in-one” filter is now available in ProOne®/Coldstream pressure systems including the ProOne® refrigerator/ice maker filter, new mini and standard counter top faucet filters and under counter systems.

The ProOne®/Coldstream series filter includes our latest technologies such as “scrub through” usage indicator, scrub and reuse, broad spectrum contaminant reduction, latest contaminant testing by an independent certified lab to include GenX and more.

Features and benefits of the new ProOne®/Colstream technology includes:
– 2-layer outer ceramic shell with “scrub through” usage indicator
– Ceramic shell is silver infused to help prevent the growth of bacteria
– Outer layer of the ceramic shell acts as a pre-sediment filter – cleanable
– Inner core proprietary carbon block technology
– Filter is cleanable and reusable
– Life expectancy is up to 2800 ltrs/750 gallons
– Independent lab tested to NSF standards 42, 53, P231, P474
– Removes/reduces over 200+ contaminants including heavy metals, Lead, VOC’s, PFAS, GenX and more. Please visit our lab report for details.

Sku: POCM-737-RF
Vendor: ProOne

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