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Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing/pH Enhancing mix Replacement

Product Description
$175.00 $245.00
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Physical Characteristics:
Color: White
Density: 50 pounds per cubic foot

Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing/pH Enhancing Mix is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, safe, and a cost-effective treatment for alkalinity addition and pH adjustment of waste streams made up of Magnesium & Calcium Oxides. This mix has minimal requirements for safe handling, storage and use make it the smart choice compared to caustic soda or lime. Magnesium oxide buffers to a maximum pH of 9 in most wastewater streams, making biomass damaging pH excursions less likely (lime and caustic soda can easily reach a pH of 12 and 14 respectively). Magnesium oxide offers price stability relative to historical caustic soda price volatility.
Sku: CQE-RM-05025

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