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WE ARE CIRCLE PEOPLE Helping Children Find Connection And Belonging In The Modern Day Village by Andrew Newman

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A mysterious Visitor from a far-away place arrives in the Square Village, bringing long-forgotten the wisdom of circles and weaving beautiful healing melodies. Follow the Visitor’s adventures through dreamland and fire as the Square People rediscover their connection, softness, and happiness.

“The best conscious children’s book series for the next generation.”
Erin Fall Haskell
Doctor of Divinity, Host & CEO of Good Morning LaLa Land

“As parents we can become quite square and be pulled through life by what we feel we should be doing each moment, day, month, and year. Perhaps this book can teach all of us that our children are our circle people, they are here to remind us of the beauty and connection that is around us, beneath us and within us each and every day.”
Autumn McFarland
M.A. in Child Development,
Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, Early Childhood Education, CLD.



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