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"5 Min DIY Installation" Refrigerator Filter (In-Line) Removes 99.5% Fluoride and 232+ Contaminant / Replace every 12 months (by Clearly Filtered®)

Product Description

Why Shoppers Love It  This ultimate refrigerator filter blows away others because it ACTUALLY removes health deteriorating toxic chemicals AND has 3rd party lab test results to PROVE it (view link below)!  Many refrigerator filters only improve the water's odor and taste not doing much to improve your health.  You can also save $100+ when you skip the plumber and install this yourself!  So simple that it takes most people only 5 minutes to install!

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The Most Powerful Refrigerator Filter on the Market

Traditionally, built-in refrigerator filters have not been serious filtration devices. Most are just glorified Brita® filters, removing only bad tastes and odors. The Clearly Filtered® Universal Fridge Filter changes everything, allowing you to get truly clean and safe water right from your fridge water and ice dispenser, no matter the brand.

Discrete, Slim Design

The compact filter casing is just 2” deep, allowing a neat installation behind your refrigerator or any other appliance you choose, making it perfect for any size space.

Easy 5-Minute Installation

Installation is both quick and easy. Simply disconnect your existing plastic or braided stainless steel water line and connect it to the filter’s inlet and outlet ends, and you’re done!

Universal Fit

Our filter is compatible with all fridges and any other appliance because of how it taps into any standard 1/4” water line (plastic or stainless steel). The universal fit allows us to provide Affinity® Filtration Technology without an exorbitant price tag. Not to mention it prevents you from voiding your warranty, which is what often happens when you use an off-brand filter in your existing fridge space.

Affinity® Filtration Technology

Proprietary Affinity® Filtration Technology removes fluoride, lead, microplastics, PFAS, glyphosate, and a total of 232+ of the most harmful and dangerous tap water contaminants. No other fridge filter on the market removes more.

365-Gallon Filter Life

The universal filter is rated for 365 gallons, which is an average of 12 months based on using 1 gallon/day for 365 days.* This is 2-4 times longer than the average fridge filter.

* Actual filter life varies based on average daily use and contamination levels of your drinking water. 

Published Performance Data

At Clearly Filtered®, we believe in radical transparency, so we freely publish the results of our independent laboratory testing for your review. We think you’ll find it pretty refreshing.

Click here for Lab Results

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