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Hedron - 5th, 4th, 3rd Gen EMF Protection [Cell Phone Device Harmonizer]

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Our Newly upgraded and enhanced 5G ELITE cell phone harmonizer features all of the same great benefits as our original cell shield with added Human Performance Technology. It is 1/3 the thickness of our original shield allowing it to fit under more cases, and it is also JUST as effective whether placed on the phone or the outside of the case. 

Hedron 5G Elite Cell Shield with Human Performance Technology (HPT):  Introducing the Hedron 5G Elite Cell Phone Shield. The only technology on the market able to pass the 3rd party testing by CIEMS (California Institute Of Electronics and Materials Sciences) proven and certified to shield 99.80% of aberrant EMF by up to 9.375G. 

What is Human Performance Technology (HPT)? Throughout all of our rigorous lab testing, the new 5G Elite has been found to not only harmonize EMF, but also to enhance many organs of the body when within 2 feet. We have added the DNA specific rejuvenating and repair frequency of 528 Hz along with the Schumann Resonance at 7.83Hz. Studies include blood cells, DNA, brain, eyes, overall BioField, and more, all with quantum level jumps in overall health.

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