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Virtual Installation Support


Feeling like Superman?  Already the ultimate DIY-er?  Fixed a few sprinkler heads over the years?  Whatever the case, DIY-ing is the way to go for some people why not save yourself a couple hundred dollars on a plumber and install it yourself.

Highbrow Water has a full time staff member who is a mechanical engineer specializing in virtual support for mechanical systems and we would love to help you get your system up and running!  It is highly recommended to send us an email to schedule a time.

Please remember for whole house systems, a bypass with shut-off valves is highly recommended, so if you get stuck, your house can still have running water and you can take your time and install it properly.  

This picture below is an example of a finished installation with a bypass loop.  When the filter & softener/conditioner need to be serviced or replaced, the home continues to have running water, just not filtered water.

*Virtual support is for assistance only. Highbrow Water and its affiliates are not responsible for damage to systems, or property that occur during or after installation.  Please only install this on your own if you have some prior knowledge and confidence with basic plumbing practices.